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Take some time to evaluate a bird for mounting. Select a bird that is has full plumage with no pin feathers or bones. Wipe any blood off the feathers with a towel and water. If you are unable to take your bird immediately to your taxidermist, place it in a plastic bag tucking the head under a wing, roll up the bag squeezing as much air out as possible as you roll, repeat the process with a second bag.


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A professional taxidermist should skin coyote-size and smaller mammals that are intended for life-size mounts. If you are unable to immediately take your trophy to your taxidermist, allow the animal to cool, then place in a bag and freeze.


When field dressing your trophy, do not cut past the front legs. When skinning, cut around the front leg joint, and up the backside of the legs. Carefully skin the shoulder and brisket area forward and down the neck, taking care not to cut any holes. Continue skinning down the neck until reaching the head and neck juncture. Cut the head from the neck, ensue there is enough cape for a shoulder mount.


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Do not remove any slime, or as little as possible. Generously wrap the fish in plastic freezer wrap, then place the fish in a plastic garbage bag, rolling the bag up around the fish. Next tape off the bag, finally placing it in cold storage. Quickly freezing the fish, when available, is the best. Take care when placing your fish in an ice chest, drink cans and other objects will mark the fish permanently. Take to your taxidermist as soon as possible.


Special Instructions

Freezing your trophy is the best short term solution, but due to freezer burn, your trophy should only be stored in a freezer temporarily. It is recommended that you get your trophy to your taxidermist as soon as possible.

Take care when dragging your deer from the woods. Do not drag against the hair pattern, when hanging do so by the hind legs, do not hang by the neck.

If you are even in doubt about any of the field care procedures please call me for more information.

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